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Meet Dennis Slide "My personal journey of transformation and healing began in 1986, just after graduating from Texas Tech University with a degree in Exercise physiology. I was diagnosed with an incurable disease and given a death sentence. While doctors gave me a prognosis of 10 years to live, I rewrote my own destiny. Facing one's mortality can be the greatest of life's teachings. I immersed myself in learning about alternative healing, human potential and our role in a universe of energy. ​" Dennis Grounds Learn More ->


AdamRosenblatt "Over the course of an hour or so, Dennis did what I needed him to do, and cut through my, for lack of a better phase, B.S. He helped me realize exactly what needed to be done and how to move forward. I got clarity, I felt empowered, I felt a large weight lifted off my shoulders, and the work issue became something easily manageable." Adam Rosenblatt Founder H2R productions Dennis took me to the next level of my business. His support was invaluable to realizing my potential. He is kind, wise, helpful, strong and insightful. Hans Phillips Executive Performance Consultant BarnabyCarpenter "I feel different - the trajectory of my life feels like it has shifted from heading inexorably downwards to one that will move upwards. Before the work, I felt hopeless in regards to shaping my life, and lost as to what shape my life "should" have. I was getting through the day avoiding the things that scared me, and blindly repeating what felt safe, desperately hoping for a different outcome. I was shackled to the past, and unintentionally creating it again. I now know a different way; one that is controlled by me and not fear. Dennis approaches the work with vigor, candor, and compassion. He has been my trusted ally, fighting along side of me every step of the way. I am grateful for his love, generosity, and wisdom." Barnaby Carpenter - Actor LanieKoch "Dennis is an amazing life coach. His commitment to himself to be the best at what he does and treat each person he serves with the heart and knowledge that is based on trust and love." Lanie Koch CathiScalise "After an illness set me back physically and emotionally, Dennis provided me with tools to gain my core strength, restore my flexibility and rekindle my spirit. Dennis is a gifted teacher and inspirational soul." Cathi Scalise KellyCliff "Meeting and working with Dennis was a life changing experience. Like he told me, "you will probably get there, but I can help you get there faster so you can experience more peace and loving experiences in your life NOW!"​ I feel so blessed to have met you and to have been open to your help. I always know that I have someone to turn to if life gets bumpy again. I feel I have made a lifelong friend." Kelly Cliff Cliff Taylor "There are things that we do not realize that hold us back or hold us captive from making our life plan Dennis and has an amazing ability to show empathy and understanding. A visionary personal guide of you to help define the steps it takes to be your higher self. The decision to hire Dennis as my life coach has changed my life. I am grateful." Cliff Taylor PatrickNemick "In one specific goal of mine I asked Dennis to help me find the "perfect" love match for me. Dennis helped me unblock the knots of negativity that were residing in my heart and in my head and to let go of old dating patterns that were not working. Within a few months I met my life partner." Patrick Nemick Founder of New Act Travel JamieRosenblatt "Simply put, working with Dennis changed the trajectory of my life. During my time with Dennis I lost 20 pounds, shot a pilot with an Oscar Nominee that won several festivals, this lead to representation, auditions, and then the founding of a production company that I currently own. Since then my company has produced and sold shows to major networks, we have several shows in production and I love what I do." Jamie Rosenblatt Founder of H2R productions Domi “The whole experience was so incredibly tranquil and helpful: It almost made me feel as if the Universe was asking me to let go of my very own blocks, and to re – channel my energy and soul without fears and judgment.” Domi -Actor Gayle “Dennis Grounds and his Core Energy class has been a gift in my life for 10 years. The skills I learned through Core Energy has helped me transition from a very stressful job and deal with a difficult family situation. I’m now using it to help me create the next chapter in my life. Core Energy helps me to listen with my heart and not to the negative voices in my head.” Gayle Farber "Coaching with Dennis wasn't only the kind of work where you set up goals and timelines. Yes, there was that....but, the real work was the deeper, soulful work on myself and how I looked at the world. That's what really changed my life. At the time, I was struggling with the idea of how to maintain my identity as a creative person with my identity as a mother. I thought I had to give up one identity to gain the other. And though I was ecstatic about the arrive of my son and my new role as a mother, I was also scared that somehow, I was losing a part of myself as an artist. Over the course of a few months, I accessed a sense of creative freedom that I had never experienced before. I went far beyond any expectations I thought I could ever have for myself. I ended up starting my own business. Dennis Grounds is a deep, compassionate, wise soul who has much to teach." Kerry Rosenblatt CorrineWeitzman Once I started working with him, what was once just a dream started becoming a reality. He helped me take an idea that once seemed overwhelming and just theoretical to something that is actually achievable, not only by helping me to clearly see how to make it happen, but also by reigning in my spinning mind chatter, changing my language from negative to positive, and showing how to manifest what I want by asking for it. I am so excited about the progress I have made with Dennis, and love the transformation of not just my dream project but of myself in the process. Corrine Weitzman

As seen in

Pee Wee

​"Honored to be Pee Wee Herman's
(Paul Reuben's) personal wellness
coach. I taught Paul my Core Energy
while preparing him for his upcoming
movie Pee - Wee's Big Holiday
on Netflix.

Shape New 2

Train your brain. Follow these
five steps from Dennis Grounds to
get your mind in on the
shape -up game.

LA Best

Dennis Grounds has added Life
coaching and spiritual healing to
his sessions at his West Hollywood
studio Training Grounds For Life.

"This is where we fitness is going
as an industry because we are more
than our physical bodies."


Dennis Grounds, a coach for the
body and the mind says "I believe
we should find a holiday in everyday
not just when the media and society
determines when it is the time
for love and gifts.

Global Traveler

Get rid of stagnant energy.
Dennis Grounds of Training Grounds
For Life, one of Los Angeles' most
sought out personal trainers,
specializes in combining cardio
circuit training, core training,
Pilates and life coaching .


Grounds For Life 20 - minute body,
mind, spirit power workout. This
workout, by Dennis Grounds, is not
designed for the faint at heart.


Prominent Los Angeles based life
coach, Dennis Grounds, weighs in at
on how to survive the holidays.


Question and answer with holistic
trainer Dennis Grounds.

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