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The POWERFUL Q&A with Dennis:
30 or 60 minutes

In this session you can speak freely and ask Dennis any question about any aspect of your life. Whatever your question, don’t expect a yes or no answer. Dennis will access your deepest wisdom and truth for clarity by using his intuition and spiritual wisdom. In addition to learning your POWER, Dennis will provide you with his “Grounds For Life” Toolkit, for you to access and use immediately.  As you gain new insight – these tools will allow you to have realizations beyond your imagination and you begin to see YOUR life in a new way.

GROUNDS FOR LIFE – Coaching Consultation
90 minutes

Shift your mind set – shift your life.
In this hour and half consultation, Dennis will guide you through the 4 steps to Getting Grounded in your Life that he’s developed to assist you in creating one of your most desirable dreams.

You will discover the deep meaning behind what is YOUR ‘roadblock’ to having your dream become a reality. More importantly, you will learn skills and tools to create your own personal desired outcome. You WILL have a personal life breakthrough – seeing life from a different perspective than before and feel the energy of endless possibilities, not your limitations.

Start Now – $147

Get Grounded in YOUR Life – Setting and Achieving Goals
1 Month

This is a four hour session over one month with Dennis. You can expect to learn the 4 Getting Grounded in your Life steps to achieving these the Goals you set for yourself.

Dennis will guide you through the process of setting these goals and will assist you in identifying where you are stuck and what is holding you back from success. You will be given tools to use to transform yourself out of your comfort zone and into your lifes purpose.

Each session we dissect your comfort zone and break it down to simple tangible actions that will march you into your dreams.

Are you ready to get Get Grounded in YOUR Life?

Start Now – $800

Grounded in YOUR Life: THE Spiritual Boot Camp:
6 Month Mentoring Program

Welcome to your own Grounds for Life Spiritual Boot Camp. Over six months, we will work in a weekly one hour personal session to close the gap FROM where your life is today, TO where your life’s purpose comes to fruition. Are you ready to build your spiritual muscle and become a spiritual athlete with Dennis as your Coach and mentor? Are you ready to quantum leap your life to the next level so that you can live your true and best life?
Ask yourself – DO YOU:

  • Know what your deepest fears are?
  • Feel your current life is not fulfilling your heart and soul’s desire?
  • Feel bored, tired, burnt out and just showing up for the pay check.
  • Know you want something more meaningful and fulfilling in your life?
  • Have a desire to make a difference in the world and just don’t know your purpose?
  • Desire to be in love and feel alone and isolated?
  • Feel like you are intuitive, but do not know how to develop your intuition?

If you answered YES to at least three of these questions, this course is screaming your name. Listen closely, that is your soul is talking to you. Can you hear it?

This course is designed for those who are thirsty for their transformation and willing to face their fears head on!! Lace up your boots and let’s do this!

Start Now – $4800

Grounds for Life – Personal Immersion
3 day Retreat

Coming summer 2018!

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