Honored to be Pee Wees (Paul Reuben) personal wellness coach, I worked with him, teaching my Core Energy, preparing him for his upcoming movie on Netflix.
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“Working with Dennis on a personal breakthrough session is one of those experiences where every time you do it you think “Why aren’t I doing this all the time?”  Recently I found myself emotionally stuck with a large work issue, and I wasn’t able to get the clarity I wanted regarding what needed to be done, and more so, the outcome I wanted.  I was feeling creatively drained, and needed a way to breakthrough this roadblock so I could make a clear decision and move forward.  I called Dennis and we sat down for a personal breakthrough session.  Over the course of an hour or so, Dennis did what I needed him to do, and cut through my, for lack of a better phase, B.S.  He helped me realize exactly what needed to be done and how to move forward.  I got clarity, I felt empowered, I felt a large weight lifted off my shoulders, and the work issue became something easily manageable.  I’m fortunate that I’ve be able to call on Dennis for several years, as he consistently helps me move my career and life forward on the best possible path.”

Adam Rosenblatt

Founder H2R Productions

“Dennis took me to the next level of my business.  His support was invaluable to realizing my potential.  He is kind, wise, helpful, strong and insightful. He was with me every step of the way.  I cannot thank him enough.”

Thank you Dennis!

Hans Phillips

Executive Performance Consultant

“I spent a good 6 months with Dennis in order to help shape my physical life, emotional life and spiritual life.

In one specific goal of mine I asked Dennis to help me find the “perfect” love match for me.

Through a series of different exercises that required me to be completely open and honest with myself and with Dennis, we set out on a specific goal.  Dennis helped me unblock the knots of negativity that were residing in my heart and in my head and to let go of old dating patterns that were not working.  .  Within a few months I met Sergio and we just celebrated our 2nd year together last Saturday.  But it didn’t stop there.  My income doubled in just one year and is continually growing as I work less (I can’t explain it but it’s totally awesome). I have been able to reach family and friends on a heart level which I was unable to do before and these relationships keep blossoming and even more friendships have grown out of my ability to listen with my heart and actually BE with that person.    Life is not only good, it’s great!”

Patrick Nemick

“Dennis Grounds and his Core Energy class has been a gift in my life for 10 years.  The skills I learned through Core Energy has helped me transition from a very stressful job and deal with a difficult family situation.  I’m now using it to help me create the next chapter in my life.  Core Energy helps me to listen with my heart and not to the negative voices in my head.”

Gayle Farber

“The whole experience was so incredibly tranquil and helpful: It almost made me feel as if the Universe was asking me to let go of my very own blocks, and to re – channel my energy and soul without fears and judgment.”


“Dennis is an amazing life coach, trainer and friend.  His patience and ability to tap into your core is a true gift.  I have had a relationship with Dennis for almost 20 years and one thing that has never wavered is his commitment to himself to be the best at what he does and treat each person he serves with the heart and knowledge that is based on trust and love…

Doing core energy – was an amazing experience.  I recommend to everyone that they try it.  It’s something that can have an impact on your life and soul.”

Lanie Koch

“After an illness set me back physically and emotionally, Dennis provided me with tools to gain my core strength, restore my flexibility and rekindle my spirit. Dennis is a gifted teacher and inspirational soul.”

Cathi Scalise

“Simply put, working with Dennis changed the trajectory of my life.  You know those moments when you see yourself breaking through, you imagine doing more, being more, and living out your dreams?  And then usually the inspiration fades, and we settle back into what we know?  Working with Dennis breaks that cycle.  It scared me.  It was scary and hard, and wonderful.  It put me on track, it put me on purpose, it connected me not only to my dreams and desires, but it connected to me to myself.  And from there I was able to move forward, guided by, working with, and yes sometimes even battling against Dennis.  He made me more, he showed me how to become more.

When I first started working with Dennis I was a barely working actor, trying to figure out what I was going to be, how I was going to achieve something meaningful for myself.  During my time with Dennis I lost 20 pounds, shot a pilot with an Oscar Nominee that won several festivals, this lead to representation, auditions, and then the founding of a production company that I currently own.  None of this would’ve happened without my working with Dennis.  None of it, it was like getting on a rocket and things took off.  Since then my company has produced and sold shows to major networks, we have several shows in production and I love what I do.  I cannot recommend Dennis enough, even now I am revisiting the work we did and it continues to provide me with results, guidance and faith.  Imagine, really take a moment and imagine something you love, something you want to try.  Now take that feeling and then start working with Dennis.  He will kindle the inspiration into action.”

Jamie Rosenblatt

Founder, H2R Productions

“I put into practice some of the techniques Dennis taught me. TRUELY!

I was presented with a couple of challenges that in the past would have sent me to that place of anger and stress. But instead, I took a step back and observed the situation and said to myself, “nobody can take my joy” I may not have any control over this situation at hand, but I can choose to have JOY in any situation presented to me. (Doesn’t mean I have to like the situation) I honestly don’t think I could have got to this peaceful place in my heart without his help.

Meeting and working with Dennis was a life changing experience.

Like he told me, “you will probably get there, but I can help you get there faster so you can experience more peace and loving experiences in your life NOW!”

I am no longer carrying that huge back pack up that steep mountain all alone. With his help and permission, I have dropped the heavy load and am holding hands with the ones I love skipping up that mountain.

Dennis, you are an amazing, truly caring, and intuitive person to share some of the most personal things in my life with. I feel so blessed to have met you and to have been open to your help. I always know that I have someone to turn to if life gets bumpy again.  I feel I have made a lifelong friend.”

Kelly Cliff

“Energetically my roller coaster marriage is healed thanks to Dennis. I am creating balance in our finances. One house affects another as you know. I am open, living here in the now until spirit gives us location direction. I am planning every day to love myself as I am. To swim and pray and meditate with the knowingness that I am magnificent just as I am. Life is beautiful being in the present moment. Thank you for being you Dennis. A very bright light.”