What Is Core Energy?

 There is a Core Energy in all of us. Core energy is the passageway for your life to flow healthy and gracefully. One can say it is the energy point that is your center and keeps you centered.  For many it is lying dormant, waiting to be ignited. When you learn to tap into your core energy or unclog your core energy, then life flows and the “miracle” that is manifestation happens.

Think of your core as a 4-way intersection of love, happiness, health, and desires. In the middle of the intersection is a filter, which the invisible particles of energy move thru to create your reality. Often, this filter that is the passageway to your core energy can get clogged, much like the filter in a swimming pool when filled with debris. When this filter gets clogged with whatever is blocking it, the flow of life slows down, the struggle mindset and “dis-ease” can set in.

In my sessions I teach you how to “backwash”, clear, your core energy to release all that is keeping you unfulfilled, stuck, or “dis-eased”. You immediately feel lighter. Your cleansed Core Energy will assist you in staying healthy and manifesting your desired goals at an accelerated rate. You will heal yourself, life will flow will increase, and miracles will happen.

What Happens in a Skype session?

Each session is infused with a combination of Mat Pilates, Yoga, Functional Fitness exercises, Breath Work, Reike, and  Guided Meditation. Your personalized Core Energy for Life routine is 4 sessions in total - 60 minutes each session.

Sesssion 1 = Activating your Core Energy
This is the first session of four, you will activate your core energy by learning breath work.  Breath work is the essential  technique and foundation for the next three sessions.
Session 2 = Breath work & Movement
You will coordinate your breath work, from session one, to basic Pilates, Yoga, and Functional Fitness movement.
Session 3 = Core Energy for life  routine
In the third session you will take what you learned from the first and second session and put it all together for your personalized Core Energy for life routine.
Session 4 = Guided meditation and remote Reiki healing
Your fourth and final session you will review your personalized Core Energy for Life routine and will go through a guided meditation infused with remote Reiki healing. This relaxing session allows you to receive the energy you have activated.
IMPORTANT: You will need to supply a telephone number and a Skype ID when you book.

Who Is It For?

A session is for anyone from beginner to advanced levels of fitness. Anyone who has had or has any “dis-ease:”

• HIV • Lupus • Diabetes • Obesity • Arthritis • Breast cancer • Broken hearts • Finding peace • Increasing vitality • Lack of abundance • Self-defeating lifestyles • Finding one’s soul mate • Creating one’s own business • Discovering one’s life purpose • For those who have put wealth before health.