Soulful Heart

Each soul has its own journey and lessons to be learned.  It is my intention to use this forum as a vehicle to activate and inspire your soul.  Each month we will walk this path together.  As an “intuitive empath”, I have the unique ability to sense and understand the feelings of others.  I can also know what others feel truthfully, without needing to be told.  I will often share my ‘souls’ stories and lessons with the hope that you may relate to or find deep meaning that will begin a journey into your soul.  I cannot wait to share each months special message that will include specific tools that you can use to shift your life and stand confidently and powerfully in every aspect of your life – YOUR Grounds For Life!

Happy New Year!

I was living in Maui – The year was 2012 – six years ago. I remember traveling to a sacred site for the Venus Transit. In basic terms, the Venus transit occurs when Venus moves across the face of the sun and appears like a small black dot on the sun. This is a rare astronomical event because it only happens every 121.5 years. We arrived at the sacred site, and there I watched the planet Venus cross the sun. It was in this moment my heart was aligned with the intention of love and compassion for all life.

The Venus transit represents the Divine Feminine. What this means for each of us is that we are entering the era where we live in balance and heart – based living. Yes that’s right – living from your heart, not your head. Have you ever heard the expression – “You wear your feelings or your heart on your sleeve” or “you are just way too sensitive?!” Please, don’t ever believe these falsehoods. We need more leaders in this transit who are sensitive and thoughtful human beings.

Are you reading this and relating to it, wondering what this all means to YOU? Well, let me say simply, YOU have arrived!

2018 promises to be the year we start to see the benefits of this transit. But do not be mistaken – getting to the ‘good’ always comes with a little struggle.  It is the fear and anxiety associated with the unknown that translates to the euphoria you feel when you realize that the anticipation of what is to come is so much greater than the sacrifce to get there.  When something new is coming forth it’s like a birthing process. There is a lot of pain associated with this process – but the joy in the result outweighs the pain you have to go through.  With this transit we get the opportunity to walk through this process using a different set of eyes – filled with excitement of what is to come, not the fear of the unknown.…

About 10 years ago, I intuited that women would soon be ruling the world and be seen in more leadership roles. Don’t worry men, this does not mean you are being pushed aside, unless you are living in the “old paradigm” of masculine energy. Recently, I had a client tell me that she did not think women needed to be in leadership roles because they are too emotional and would make all their decisions from emotion. I hope that whoever has the power to push the nuclear button or send any troops to the frontlines HAS an emotional connection to ALL life. Anyone who does not, is to be feared.

Things are constantly changing and they always will. This is the law of nature. The challenge and the opportunity for all us right now is to stay excited and eager about the change unfolding in our world. We are evolving from the masculine energy, (the mind aka – analysis, cynical, doubting, linear thinking), to the heart energy (aka – love, connection, tolerance, compassion, kindness, conceptualizing and Oneness)

So how can you remain excited and motivated during these times?

Here are some Grounds For Life little nuggets of wisdom to use in your life:


There is something that happens to you – your physical being, when you live your life in truth. Every day, little miracles happen. The #metoo movement is a great example. While this movement has shaken the foundation of many corporations and people’s personal lives, it has brought to the forefront the idea that tolerance and acceptance are not acceptable.  The topic of abuse of power, which is a masculine energy, is over.  It is simply NOT OK to use YOUR power over another human being for your own personal gain! I can relate to all of those brave men and woman who have come forward and spoken their truth. Why, because #metoo! I too have spent countless hours of therapy and soul searching, to find peace and forgiveness of my abuser. I was so liberated when this movement came out. It gave me strength and courage to kick shame out and allow more self love in. My story is in a book called, “What’s Your Monster’s Name?”, by Ingrid Kern. She interviewed me several years ago and I shared my story with the intent to help others – not to be a victim.


Simply, BE KIND!  No two people are the same. Everyone is an individual with special gifts they give to the world. Even if others don’t share the same beliefs as you or have the same point of view, just BE KIND. Respect that they are just as passionate about their view or belief as you are about yours and neither are right or wrong. Don’t be a bully – or put someone down for their views. We all know that this resolves nothing. Newsflash – Being Kind is the latest trend.  Being Kind is a state of being. Kindness will change the world.


That all-consuming need for control is an out of control feeling. When we think we are losing control, we start trying to controlling others or things even more. It is the ego on steroids. Let’s keep it real – You only have control over YOUR feelings and YOUR actions. OWN IT! What is the result when you try to control others? You will always be disappointed and left feeling upset or at a loss. The expectations are too great. Control is an illusion. Let people BE! Just DO YOU. Be yourself.  Be responsible for YOUR actions and reactions. Let others BE themselves. How you react to them is up to you. YOU are always at choice. If someone bothers you, cause you pain and suffering, and makes you feel less than what and who you are – walk away, don’t look back and remove yourself from the negativity and untruth of the relationship. Surround yourself with acceptance – for who you are and how you chose to live your life!


So many of us are complaining about the problem which keeps us stuck in our story. Why because we talk a lot about the problem and do nothing about it in relation to our own lives.  What can you do today to make a change that will shift this for you? Think about this… There is no proactive movement when we are stuck. Ask yourself, what can I do to find a solution to my complaint. There is a huge difference in the way you feel when you shift your thinking to positive, solution oriented thoughts. Complaint based energy is negative and a low level energy. Solution based energy is peace, ease and grace. Spend more time in peace, love and creativity, and less time in complaint and fear.


We are all so disconnected. People are starving for human contact. Hug someone every day. Feel their energy and their unconditional love. Hugging your computer or phone is out. Spreading love, kindness and peace is so 2018!

Big HUG!