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I believe we were all born with everything we will ever need while here on planet earth.  You were uniquely designed to be you and are enough just the way you are.

We all have the same common fear of not being good enough. What if you are enough just as you are with your darkness and your light? What if you have everything you everything you will ever need right now in this moment? What if you accepted that you are enough now? What would you have to let go of in order to accept that you are enough? Enough is Enough!

I have learned  we don’t need more things or titles to be accepted and you don’t need the agreement from your family, friends, spouse, boss, religion, or parents to be you. You are a powerful creator!

From the time you were born you were programmed. You were told what gender you are, your name, your religion, your race, etc. You then spend the rest of your life seeking approval from these establishments for external validation leaving you feeling powerless and lacking in self-worth. What if you don’t need these approvals? What if you were responsible for your worth and value no matter what anybody thinks or feels about you. What if you got to say who you are? What if you did not put yourself into a box and conform to “herd mentality?

I know your soul has something to say and it is waiting for the full expression of you. It is your birthright! This is the foundation of Grounds for Life.  Be who you are, life gets easier from there!”

You are reading this because there is a desire deep down in you that is wanting to be expressed. You were born to experience and feel the duality of life. Most people are wondering around searching for their life purpose. What if your purpose was to simply just say what you feel is your truth. What if what you said made a difference in your life and for others? What if “suffering and struggle” was an illusion casted out on you and “scarcity” was replaced with infinite? What if life is really ease and grace, no matter what? What if you don’t express yourself before you die?

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