“Working with Dennis on a personal breakthrough session is one of those experiences where every time you do it you think “Why aren’t I doing this all the time?” Recently I found myself emotionally stuck with a large work issue, and I wasn’t able to get the clarity I wanted regarding what needed to be done, and more so, the outcome I wanted. I was feeling creatively drained, and needed a way to breakthrough this roadblock so I could make a clear decision and move forward. I called Dennis and we sat down for a personal breakthrough session. Over the course of an hour or so, Dennis did what I needed him to do, and cut through my, for lack of a better phase, B.S. He helped me realize exactly what needed to be done and how to move forward. I got clarity, I felt empowered, I felt a large weight lifted off my shoulders, and the work issue became something easily manageable. I’m fortunate that I’ve be able to call on Dennis for several years, as he consistently helps me move my career and life forward on the best possible path.”Adam Rosenblatt - Founder H2R Productions
“Dennis took me to the next level of my business. His support was invaluable to realizing my potential. He is kind, wise, helpful, strong and insightful. He was with me every step of the way. I cannot thank him enough. Thank you Dennis!”Hans Phillips - Executive Performance Consultant